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… flowers in the sun

29 April 2008


I was passing through the lagoon today and just had to stop and smell the fresh-cut grass… and take these pix of all the pretty trees in full bloom!!!!


… a summer spent at sky Lake ;-)

28 April 2008

one of my many Sky Lake t-shirts

I just found out that I got the job I applied for, working at Sky Lake (aka God Camp) for the summer, so that was my happy thought for today: a summer at god camp.

… not wearing socks

27 April 2008

the most comfortable shoes in the world, Tevas are one of the few things in this life that never fail to make me happy

In Cleveland, the weather is quite unpredictable.   But no matter what happens, after a winter of being used only while I am doing laundry, my Tevas feel pretty good on my feet all day long 😉

The purpose of this blog…

27 April 2008

I am challenging myself to find one thing or idea each day that makes me happy and share it on this blog.  Thanks for reading!