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… the randomness found on Joe Mallozzi’s blog!!!

16 May 2008

Every night since I discovered it, I have enjoyed reading Joseph Mallozzi’s weblog before I go to sleep.  The talk of food, writing, Stargate, books, and dogs, as well as the photos and videos from the set of Stargate: Atlantis and his forays into various restaurants are more than anyone could ask from such a hardworking producer and writer of such a big TV show!!!  It brings me joy every day, so I thought it deserved a mention on my blog of things that make me happy.  Here’s a link so you can read too (warning: it’s addictive!):

It will make you happy too, I promise!!!  Just check it out!!!

… major improvement in physics!!!

12 May 2008

The top grade (\"F\") is my midterm grade.  The bottom grade (\"B\") is my final grade.  Improvement!!!

Here’s my awesome story to go along with the screen-capture of my electronic “report card” (which I put up here as proof that my story is true!):

I honestly was REALLY close to using my freshmen forgiveness to drop my physics class, as my grades were kind of so-so (okay, so at the midterm point in the semester, I was failing).

I kicked my but into gear, and saw my grades steadily improve… from a failing grade really low D on the first test to an almost-C on the second to a solid C on the third.  I also saw my lab grades improve (mostly due to the fact that my TA was AMAZING!!!!) and I’m sure the lab helped out tremendously, as the lab counts for 25% of our final average.  But I did the math, and there was no way I was gonna get above a C in the class unless I got an A on the final… which was looking pretty unlikely after the previous tests I had  taken!  

So I studied a lot (okay… more than I normally do, but still nothing compared to what many other students did!) and did lots of praying… and I can now say, without a doubt, that there is a God, because He most definitely answered my prayers!!!  There is no way I would have been able to get that B without Him!!!!

… spending time with Hershey Kisses

11 May 2008

aww he is sooo cute I love him ohsomuch!!!

I missed my dachshund puppy, Hershey Kisses, ohsomuch while I was away from him in Cleveland!!!  I was happy to get to spend some time with him… the immeasurable joy he brings me cannot be expresses in words, so I’m not even gonna try!!!

… smoothies, sunning, some ancient armor…

7 May 2008

Tuesday, I slept in, had lunch, then got smoothies, sat out in the glorious Cleveland sun and talked, and then visited the Cleveland Museum of Art’s “Arms and Armour” exhibit with my friend Michelle.  It was honestly one of the best times I’ve had since I got here!!!  While this was possibly due to the fact that I had no classes or homework to distract or worry me, I also think it is a sign I need to hang out with Michelle more often 😉

Sorry no pix of this either, as I didn’t bring my camera!!!!

… being done with finals!!!!

7 May 2008

Monday, I took my last final (Physics 122-Electricity and Magnetism) and, while impossibly difficult, I managed to at least write something down for each problem.  I’m hoping for a massive curve.

But anyways, I was *quite* glad that it was over!!!!

… Sunday School!!!

7 May 2008

sorry this isn\'t a very good picture, but the green \"oil can\" in the background is my church ;-)

Sunday was the last SS class for me until August… It always makes me happy, and while kind of sad to be leaving it over the summer, I’m gonna be at Sky Lake, which is like one huge Sunday school class, so I’m not gonna miss it too terribly 😉

A little background-ish for those unfamiliar with where I now live:

I love going to Sunday School at my church, Epworth-Euclid United Methodist Church!!!!  Well, technically, it is referred to as “Young Adult Bible Study,” but we all know it is just Sunday School for college students 😉

This semester, we have been studying world religions, and my favorite part of the class is that our wonderful instructors, Jeff and Jennifer, are not afraid to question the big things.  Like, “What does it mean to ‘witness’ today???” and “What exactly makes other religions so different from ours?” and “What is the meaning of life?”  and oh-so-many more!!!  I am truly enjoying the atmosphere of the class, which reminds me A LOT of that which I first encountered at Shavertown United Methodist Church, where I grew up.  

My one wish is that the actual church service itself could be as liberal as Sunday School is!!!!

…sleeping in!!!

7 May 2008

Haha no picture for this one, sorry!

But last Saturday, what made me the most happy was sleeping in 😉

… a new episode of NUMB3RS!

7 May 2008

I didn\'t make this NUMB3RS montage, but it\'s been my wallpaper for a while now...


On friday, May 2nd, there was a whole new NUMB3RS episode…. just what I needed to get me back in a math/science mood!!!

….running with my roomie!

7 May 2008

This isn\'t a pic of us running, but I don\'t have any of those.  This is the next best thing--a pic of us together....

Sorry I haven’t updated in a while, but I will go back and add one entry for each day I missed (well, I’ll try).

Here’s the first: I ran with my roomie on thursday… and it made me happy to have a running partner on my level (or slightly above it, but that’s neither here nor there)… someone I know I can trust not to leave me behind or drag me at a pace I can’t handle yet…

So hooray for running with my roomie!!!

… fruit ‘n yogurt parfaits!!!!

1 May 2008

I stopped at McDonalds–yes, that place I so despised for so very long–to get some yummy, cheap fruit n yogurt parfaits… I must admit, I’m hooked!!!