… Sunday School!!!

sorry this isn\'t a very good picture, but the green \"oil can\" in the background is my church ;-)

Sunday was the last SS class for me until August… It always makes me happy, and while kind of sad to be leaving it over the summer, I’m gonna be at Sky Lake, which is like one huge Sunday school class, so I’m not gonna miss it too terribly 😉

A little background-ish for those unfamiliar with where I now live:

I love going to Sunday School at my church, Epworth-Euclid United Methodist Church!!!!  Well, technically, it is referred to as “Young Adult Bible Study,” but we all know it is just Sunday School for college students 😉

This semester, we have been studying world religions, and my favorite part of the class is that our wonderful instructors, Jeff and Jennifer, are not afraid to question the big things.  Like, “What does it mean to ‘witness’ today???” and “What exactly makes other religions so different from ours?” and “What is the meaning of life?”  and oh-so-many more!!!  I am truly enjoying the atmosphere of the class, which reminds me A LOT of that which I first encountered at Shavertown United Methodist Church, where I grew up.  

My one wish is that the actual church service itself could be as liberal as Sunday School is!!!!


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