… major improvement in physics!!!

The top grade (\"F\") is my midterm grade.  The bottom grade (\"B\") is my final grade.  Improvement!!!

Here’s my awesome story to go along with the screen-capture of my electronic “report card” (which I put up here as proof that my story is true!):

I honestly was REALLY close to using my freshmen forgiveness to drop my physics class, as my grades were kind of so-so (okay, so at the midterm point in the semester, I was failing).

I kicked my but into gear, and saw my grades steadily improve… from a failing grade really low D on the first test to an almost-C on the second to a solid C on the third.  I also saw my lab grades improve (mostly due to the fact that my TA was AMAZING!!!!) and I’m sure the lab helped out tremendously, as the lab counts for 25% of our final average.  But I did the math, and there was no way I was gonna get above a C in the class unless I got an A on the final… which was looking pretty unlikely after the previous tests I had  taken!  

So I studied a lot (okay… more than I normally do, but still nothing compared to what many other students did!) and did lots of praying… and I can now say, without a doubt, that there is a God, because He most definitely answered my prayers!!!  There is no way I would have been able to get that B without Him!!!!


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