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… watching Hershey on the hunt!

8 June 2008

This is a brief movie of what my little puppy, Hershey Kisses was doing the other day… ALL DAY!!!  I let him outside thinking he had to go to the bathroom, and he didn’t come to the door and ask to come in for a long time after that.  This worried me because he has been known to dig holes in the past (hunting for chipmunks, of course!  He sees them going into their holes and tries to dig his way into the hole as well!) and I didn’t want to have to give him a bath.  So I opened the door and saw him dashing to and fro across the yard, nose to the ground, tracking a squirrel (or a bunny or a chipmunk…) and grabbed my camera to document his adorable (fruitless) endeavors!  I would have made a longer video, but my batteries died rather abruptly.  Anyways, seeing my little puppy dashing all over the place made me happy, so here’s a video for you!!!

… a wagging tail =)

6 June 2008

(Ignore the sound.  Members of my family have a rather peculiar way of communicating with our pets.  Forgive me!)

I was outside taking some fun pictures of my backyard and when I came back up the go inside, I found Bessie on the picnic table wagging her tail furiously.  Almost like she was competing with our other dog, Hershey, to see who could wag their tail faster 😉  And, of course, I whipped out my camera, as this sort of happiness is just the thing I want to share on this blog!!!!

… getting my sister addicted to Stargate SG-1!

3 June 2008

We\'re getting sucked in!!!

(In the picture, we’re getting sucked into the wormhole!!!)

I’ve finally gotten Mary to watch it with me, instead of laughing at me while *I* watch it!!!!

Thus far, she’s enjoyed it (we’ve watched up to Broca Divide so far), though I think she finds it hard to adjust to RDA being a military gun-toter, rather than a smart do-it-yourself kind of guy (MacGyver to O’Neill is kind of a big jump!).  And she doesn’t find Daniel nearly as hot as I do… but then again, she hasn’t seen him die yet!!!

…getting rid of pesky SnapShot!!!

3 June 2008

No, really!

Let your mouse hover over my pictures all you like!!!  SnapShot is gone!!!!  (well, disabled, anyways!!!)

… in the eyes of McDreamy!!!

2 June 2008

I went to see Made of Honor yesterday.  Going to the movies always makes me happy, but this one made me especially so.  It was AWESOME to see Frankie again… I miss her ohsomuch; she made my trip to Europe extra-special for me!!!  Having someone to sit next to, to chat with, and to see the sights with was probably one of the most AMAZING memories I have of P2P and I feel like if we went to the same college, we’d be the sort of people who hang out or grab lunch together at least once a week.  Sadly, we don’t.  But anyways, back to the movie: one of my favorite parts was when Tom goes up to a random dog and says “I love you,” showering the dog with affection, and Hannah, his best friend, says “you should try saying that to a person sometime.”  I love this part because my family has said that many times to me.  “Hun, you love that dog too much!”  My sister always says when I call Hershey Kisses “my loooooooove,” which is my special nickname for him.  And wow I get off topic really easily!!!  The character he portrays is not exactly a savory man… he’s more like McSteamy (Grey’s fans will get this reference).  And yet, you can’t help falling in love with him.  And I’ve decided that it’s all in his eyes!!!!  Patrick Dempsey has got to have the world’s sexiest eyes!!!  Altogether, he’s not a bad looking guy, but without those eyes, he wouldn’t be anywhere NEAR as sexy as he is!!!!