… watching Hershey on the hunt!

This is a brief movie of what my little puppy, Hershey Kisses was doing the other day… ALL DAY!!!  I let him outside thinking he had to go to the bathroom, and he didn’t come to the door and ask to come in for a long time after that.  This worried me because he has been known to dig holes in the past (hunting for chipmunks, of course!  He sees them going into their holes and tries to dig his way into the hole as well!) and I didn’t want to have to give him a bath.  So I opened the door and saw him dashing to and fro across the yard, nose to the ground, tracking a squirrel (or a bunny or a chipmunk…) and grabbed my camera to document his adorable (fruitless) endeavors!  I would have made a longer video, but my batteries died rather abruptly.  Anyways, seeing my little puppy dashing all over the place made me happy, so here’s a video for you!!!


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