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… having a break =)

27 August 2008

Last semester (and the one before that!) I didn’t have a break between any of my classes–going straight from one class to another, some days from 8:30 straight through 6:45!!!

This year, while I still have class all morning, I have a break each day in which I can come home and make myself some pb&j and have a “rest  hour,” as it were =)

… staff meeting

26 August 2008

Today (technically yesterday, actually!) at staff meeting, we wrote “IRs” on how to make a PB&J sandwich.  And we messed up, not on the difficult part (put the jelly on the bread), but on the easy parts (take the lid off of the peanut butter).  And it was HILARIOUS to watch our boss doing these things =)

More later, as I’m quite sleepy right now!!!

… a 2 minute PR

19 August 2008

… in the 2 mile!!!  Today’s time trial represented a significant improvement for me over last year’s time trial!!!

While I was still about 1 minute slower than I was hoping for, the improvement factor alone made it worth it, I think!!!!

… running with the girls…

17 August 2008

… if only for 5 minutes!!!

We were on a long run, and coach drove me 1 mile up this really big hill, then I ran 2 miles downhill and then I was like “Coach, that’s enough for me, can I get in the van?” And she was like, “Well, try and run with the girls (who had by now made up for my mile head start!) for a little bit.” And so I did… I ran a little over a half a mile with them, and it felt fast, but great!!!

…finding a way to camp!!!

15 August 2008

So, I was scared there for a couple days because my boss was like “You can’t leave early on friday.”  And my ride was leaving early and unwilling to wait.  And then I found a ride on Saturday, and it made me happy =)

… the finals for the men’s 4X100!!!!

11 August 2008

Today, the happiest moment for me was when the 4 men on the Olympic 4X100 swim team won that race.  The French anchor had apparently stated that the French were going to “smash” the American team… but in the last leg of the race, Jason (the American anchor) out-touched the French anchor after making up quite the distance.  Totally worth staying up late, if only to see the expression on Michael Phelps’s face live as he realized he and his teammates had done it!!!