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… changing my Facebook language to “Pirate” =)

23 September 2008

Check it out!!!

… painting

21 September 2008

There’s just something therapeutic about painting.  And I guess I’m kinda proud of this one… we had a program involving painting, and we got these gorgeous canvasses and it was fun fun fun =)

…racing at the zoo!

21 September 2008


Saturday, I ran in the first-ever Run for the Cheetah at the Cleveland Zoo.  It was a hilly course, but my time was still my best time all season!!!  And to top it all off, I won my age group (I have a picture of a cheetah to prove it!).

Cooling down with the guys was also a very awesome adventure… we met gorillas, red pandas, wallabies, mongooses, giant tortoises, and to top it all off… two cheetahs =)

… living in a city!!!

18 September 2008
  • You can walk everywhere worth walking to!
  • You can bike everywhere else.
  • While you can walk or bike literally everywhere in the city, the bus or train can get you there faster.

… getting a program to run smoothly (finally!)

4 September 2008



After two weeks of Java class, I finally got a program to compile without errors, and then to run successfully!!!

… dinner and a Dark Knight!!!

1 September 2008

Saturday night, I went to dinner at Fribley with Katherine, a fellow RA; Michelle, a fellow runner; and Sang, one of their suitemates.  Then, Katherine, Michelle, and I grabbed an RTA up to Severance for Katherine and my first viewing of The Dark Knight.  

Which is an amazing movie!!!

I know I always say this, but more later… I’ve got to go to sleep now, or I’ll never get to sleep!!!