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…listening to my Amy Grant worship music =)

27 October 2008

So, I missed Sunday school last Sunday because I slept in after staying up until 2:30 babysitting.  So I ended up in my dorm room listening to Amy Grant songs two hours after Sunday School started.  And that stuff is AWESOME.  Her music reaches me in a way that a sermon NEVER could!

…donating my hair to Locks of Love (for the 4th time!)

7 October 2008

Last winter, I randomly decided it was time for me to donate my hair to Locks of Love again… and so I did!

I told Adrienne, my roommate, that I wanted to donate my hair, and she gladly (if a bit nervously) agreed to cut and style my hair for me… for free!!!  Check out the bottom picture… I think she did a marvelous job of it!!!