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… road tripping with mi Padre!

29 November 2008

Once my bus got into Binghamton, my father (I call him Padre!) picked me up and brought me the rest of the way home.  I love car trips with him, because we always listen to the radio and it always rocks.  He always has some little bit of trivia for me about the singer or the song, and I feel like a semi-cultured American as a result 😉

Wil Wheaton has similar memories of music and his father (which actually prompted me to blog this) in this week’s blog for the LA Weekly.

… a ride to Buffalo!

29 November 2008

The first leg of my ride home for Thanksgiving involved a car ride from Cleveland to Buffalo so I could catch the bus to Binghamton from there.  I couldn’t have made this journey if not for this ride from Mike W.  And after hearing that my bus wasn’t leaving until 2:00 in the morning, Mike took me to his house, where his mom and stepdad graciously provided me with dinner… tailored to my picky eating, no less!  I went with Mike and his girlfriend Brit to his friend’s house and hung out with them for a while until it was time for me to go to the bus station.  I am so grateful to Mike and his family for everything they did for me!  It really made my journey so much better!