… advice from Scalzi!

Since it’s my last day as a teenager, I thought I’d share some advice from Scalzi on teenage writing:

10 Things Teenage Writers Should Know About Writing

And I thought I’d also share my long gushing reply (that I ended up shortening to a simple: Thank you):

Thanks so much for the advice, Scalzi.

Particularly points 3 and 9!!!  I already knew points 1 and 5.  

Regarding the controversial point 1: As I look back on my Jr. and Sr. High writing, I find myself having a hard time believing I actually wrote some of those stories… In my mind it naturally follows that, looking back on my current writing in a few years, I will feel similarly.  I, too, wrote quite a good deal of music in my day.  And would probably be very embarrassed if any of those songs ever hit the radios.

As for point 5: Reading a ton of books has never been a problem for me, except where it has hindered me socially!In second grade I got addicted to reading Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys books and had finished the entire series (including the original books, the first revisions, the Super Mysteries, and even the Case Files books which were written for teenagers!) by the time I was in 4th grade.  I read War and Peace as well as a ton of other not-my-favorite-genre books in Jr. High and haven’t stopped reading since!

I wrote a ton in elementary and middle schools, but stopped for a while in high school.  So last year I acted upon point 3 by starting two blogs: one for poetry/randomness and one for reflection.  

And I first acted upon point 9 last year as well, when I wrote my first two articles for The Observer, my college newspaper.  The first one gave me nightmares (I was so scared of misquoting my physics professor and him giving me a bad grade in his class as a result.  Turns out he was okay with the article… big “phew” moment for me!).  The second one was much more fun to write!!!


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