… A Knight’s Tale

I went to see it with pretty much the same people I saw Dark Knight with last August (or was it September?) and it was awesome! Since it was showing in our college auditorium as part of our Film Club’s weekly movie showings, it was cheap and nice and close by (no walking 3 miles home in the dark afterwards). Also, since it’s been out for like 8 years now, I own the AKT DVD and have seen all the commentaries, even though Katherine and Michelle and Mary (who joined us this time since she’s back from her stint in the army) had never seen it before. And so, I entertained all of them with random facts while I laughed harder than I think I may have ever laughed before… this week, at least!


One Response to “… A Knight’s Tale”

  1. ケイトリン Says:

    I LOVE A Knight’s Tale! That movie’s sooo good! Hope your friends thoroughly enjoyed it!

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