…a DM from Ming-Na!!!

DMs from Ming-Na

Look who's following me!

For those of you who don’t Twitter, it’s a service sort of like Facebook, except that instead of “friends” you have “followers” and people who follow you.  If someone you are following follows you back, you can send them a direct message (DM) that only the two of you can read. For those of you living under a rock for the past decade, Ming-Na is an awesome actress who has been in ER, was Mulan in the eponymous Disney classic, and is now an IOA agent in Stargate Universe.  And last Friday, she followed me and sent me a DM! 😀 She follows about ten percent of her followers, usually only for a couple days at a time, but I was honored that she chose me to follow, even if it was only for 5 days! I’m still on cloud 9 about it!


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