…gettin’ it done… somewhere, somehow!

I am currently swamped with more work than I can possibly do. And yet, I find ways to do it. Instead of using Pointless Class Number Two to goof off, for example, I am today using it to finish my calc homework that’s due at six. And to study for the test that I have from 6-9. Yup… I’m lovin’ it!

One Response to “…gettin’ it done… somewhere, somehow!”

  1. Lynn Says:

    Lady you’re amazing…don’t give up. You’ll just do it…all of it.

    As for Act I of my script; it’s only half done. I feel like a loser, but I can’t lie. So there, I missed my own deadline. Now that I have confessed here are my excuses:
    1. Got a new computer, and for some reason my Final Draft is not working AT ALL! I went to the Apple genius bar and the dude gave me some tips on how to work out the kinks….I plan to work on that this week.
    2. I haven’t written anything at all in about three weeks. I went to Europe and just returned…It was a lovely trip, aside from the nagging feeling of knowing that I MISSED MY OWN DEADLINE (loser! gawh!).

    I plan to finally post TODAY to my blog and confess my sins. I am glad that you checked in. Because of your inquiry, I am going to write today…thank you.

    How about you? I bet you finished your script…huh? Let me know I am very interested to know how you’re coming along. Especially in the midst of everything else you have going on…Super Woman, seriously!

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