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… Mystery Google Missions. Today’s: email me 100 reasons why you love me

21 December 2009

Mystery Google is a site where you type in a request, hit search, and you get the Google results of the person before you. Often, people input “Missions” such as “call this number” or “IM me!” which are fun to do if you have the time. Which I do, now.

So, I e-mailed the mystery person the list below the cut (which originally had numbers, but they didn’t copy-paste for some reason). I know absolutely nothing about this person, so I kind of made stuff up to get to 100!!!


…the shirtless man of the week!

9 December 2009

I recently began reading Show Patrol, a blog on the ChicagoNow website. Written by Curt Wagner, it’s insightful, fun, and interesting. My favorite feature is the Shirtless Man of the Week. This week’s SMotW is David Boreanaz, which made me so ridiculously happy that I absolutely needed to blog it here! I highly encourage you to click on the link in David’s name for some really lovely pictures of David, as well as a promotional video for tomorrow’s episode of Bones! 😀

…Patrick Rothfuss’s Heifer Project fundraiser!

1 December 2009

So there’s this author I don’t really know. His name is Patrick Rothfuss and he’s pretty much amazing.  Never read any of his books but I hope to rectify that this summer.

Anyways, he ran a fundraiser for Heifer International last year and raised $58,000 for them, and then matched the entire donation, bringing the total for his fundraiser to well over $100,000.

The Heifer Project is based upon the philosophy of the Chinese proverb “Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, feed him for life.” That’s essentially what Heifer does: they provide families with livestock to raise and breed for food, eggs, wool, milk, et cetera. They train the families to care for their animals, and ask that they share the blessing with others in need when the animals reproduce. It’s one of my favorite charities and that’s why I’m so excited about this:

This year, Pat Rothfuss is at it again. He has partnered up with Subterranean Press to raise money for Heifer yet again this year. SubPress donated over 300 books which you have one chance to win for every $10 you donate. Here’s the page where you can donate.

I’ll be donating as much as I have left in my bank account after I pay my rent for December and January and after I buy Christmas presents for my little siblings!!!  I hope you’ll consider donating as well.

Happy rest of your day!  😀