while you’re reading, here’s little bit about me…

A link if you wanted to know more about my blog:  About This Blog

I’m a senior at Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania. I am currently majoring in Math and and Secondary Education. I’ll let you know when i have it worked out: that might not be for a decade or so!
The Baring of my Soul (it’s ALL true!):
I go up the steps two at a time; I walk fast, but run slow; I like English and History because there are no right answers, I like Math and Science because there are right answers; I get lost in order to find my way around; I am registered independent; I love my Teva flip flops; I am obsessed with Ocean’s Eleven; I spew random movie quotes; I read Harry Potter so much that I don’t need to turn the page to finish the sentence; I’m basically a walking hymnal… hum the first few bars, I’ll sing you the rest; I sing RENT at inappropriate times; I miss my Sunday School girls, and Peaches and Jeremy too; when my sister calls me, the ringtone is “Sisters? We’re close”; I could be a fruititarian; I dress down or dress up…for me there is no in-between; I am not anti-social, but neither am I for it; I never wear normal bras; I haven’t ever drank; I used to be that kid who sat alone in the cafeteria, and now I am that kid who sits with that kid; I’m an excellent racewalker; I will occasionally substitute the word “Phyllis” for the number seven; I am physically incapable of lying, as my body gives it away pretty clearly; I was born in the year of the dragon; I am the queen of the awkward moments; I sometimes eat a lot, and sometimes don’t; I love to run in the rain; running is my anti-drug; I don’t like movies without plots; I love to go to amusement parks; my puppy is my significant other; I could out-eat anyone in a gusher eating contest; I love roller coasters-the bigger the better; I want to be an actress when I grow up; I never want to grow up; I love to learn, but hate the homework; I miss my cousins very much and wish that we could see each other much more often; I have a song for every emotion; I have a thing for nerdy/geeky/smart guys with glasses (Dr. Daniel Jackson, Harry Potter, and Danny Messer are three of my favorite fictional characters); I am not a fan of professional sports; I have been to Greece, Italy, France, Switzerland, Vatican City, and Germany; I was third in my high school class, first in my middle school class; though not actually related to any of them, Sky Lakers are my family, especially the music camp class of Oh-Phyllis!; I traveled across America in a 1996 Ford Taurus station wagon with all six members of my family inside; I have two dogs, a cat, and two rats at my home; I write poetry in my blog… just for the heck of it; I love Domino’s Pizza; my eyes are bigger than my stomach; I read for fun… my mother never took the tv away, but she has banned me from reading; I am almost never early; I believe that smoking in all public places should be illegal, and that violators should be stoned; there’s so much more I could tell you…get to know my quirks as you get to know me!!!

5 Responses to “while you’re reading, here’s little bit about me…”

  1. Mary Says:

    Bumped into you on Twitter and then to your website & blog – fun reading, and really like seeing how positive you are in the middle of your work at Case Western. Huge Harry Potter fan myself (and I’m a mom!) and can also quote lines from the books. Lots of singing and music around here (and tho’ I’m old) my music tastes run all over the place – as do my taste in movies. Hoping to go to film school when my daughter is a little older and looking forward to reading more posts.

  2. Lynn Says:

    DeLynn, Thanks for the comment on my blog. I love that you will be joining me on this quest toward a completed feature script. HOT!
    Keep me posted on your progress…and I’ll do the same.
    Good Luck!
    Lynn McClintock

  3. Lynn Says:

    P.S. Great blog!

  4. KiLuMnaTi Says:

    Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now. Keep it up!
    And according to this article, I totally agree with your opinion, but only this time! 🙂

  5. Scooter Says:

    I am having a blast reading through this – to tell the truth I hopped on to take exception to a statement you made on Joe Malozzies weblog about summer in Toronto – which I will – but meantime, very cool and good reading.

    Summer in TO is average 80 F, humidity takes it regularly to +100 F (in American, because it sounds very much less impressive in Celcius…;) I’d love to have been here in a summer at 60F. We have our air conditioning running 24-7 from early July to the end of Aug. Not long, but fierce!

    Off to read more blog. 😀

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