…gettin’ it done… somewhere, somehow!

29 October 2009

I am currently swamped with more work than I can possibly do. And yet, I find ways to do it. Instead of using Pointless Class Number Two to goof off, for example, I am today using it to finish my calc homework that’s due at six. And to study for the test that I have from 6-9. Yup… I’m lovin’ it!


…finding renewed motivation for finishing my spec script!!!

21 September 2009

I’ve adopted (errr, borrowed) another writer’s deadline!!!  Lynn Sanchez McClintock has kindly put one up on her website for all to see, mostly for herself. But I’ve taken her deadline and made it my own as well!  Thus far I have a teaser. And that’s it. BUT it’s a start, and I’ve stopped vacillating in the “ideas” stage and actually gotten to work! Thanks, Lynn!  😀

…a DM from Ming-Na!!!

3 September 2009

DMs from Ming-Na

Look who's following me!

For those of you who don’t Twitter, it’s a service sort of like Facebook, except that instead of “friends” you have “followers” and people who follow you.  If someone you are following follows you back, you can send them a direct message (DM) that only the two of you can read. For those of you living under a rock for the past decade, Ming-Na is an awesome actress who has been in ER, was Mulan in the eponymous Disney classic, and is now an IOA agent in Stargate Universe.  And last Friday, she followed me and sent me a DM! 😀 She follows about ten percent of her followers, usually only for a couple days at a time, but I was honored that she chose me to follow, even if it was only for 5 days! I’m still on cloud 9 about it!

…making $$$ taking surveys!

3 September 2009

Granted, it’s not much AT ALL, but I love that I get between $1 and $25 just for giving these companies five minutes to an hour of my time!

You know all those scams where you pay them $$ and then you hafta make a website where you scam other poor souls into giving *you* money? This isn’t like that at all! SurveySpot is a legit survey company for making money on the side. I ❤ it!

… a music video from Jed Whedon and the cast of The Guild!!!

25 August 2009

Felicia Day + Jed Whedon= AWESOME!!! ‘Nuff said. Watch this:

… organizing our VHS collection.

2 August 2009

So today I cleaned my room a bit and then went downstairs to clean out our entertainment center, which was overflowing with VHS.  (For example, we have the entire first season of LOST [which suspiciously was never released on VHS]; one episode per tape.) SoI went through and labeled all our tapes, and am now attemping to organise them as best I can. Doesn’t sound like fun, but I had completely forgotten about half these tapes, so it’s like a fun adventure for me!!!

…a better-than-expected midterm grade!

20 March 2009

In my physics 250 class, a class that supposedly “teaches” programming in Matlab, the teacher is incompetent and I expected to have a horrible midterm grade, but it was actually a C, which is quite alright with me!!!

… getting the job I wanted!!!

23 February 2009

When I reapplied for the RA position, I specifically requested to live in Cedar next year.  There were so many good, highly qualified applicants for the positions that I didn’t expect to get placed there, though.  I honestly probably would have been happy anywhere.  But when I picked up my letter on Friday, Cedar Residential College is where I had been placed!  😀

Cedar is the performing arts themed dorm, so I now have more excuse than usual to be doing artsy sort of things 😉

… A Knight’s Tale

15 February 2009

I went to see it with pretty much the same people I saw Dark Knight with last August (or was it September?) and it was awesome! Since it was showing in our college auditorium as part of our Film Club’s weekly movie showings, it was cheap and nice and close by (no walking 3 miles home in the dark afterwards). Also, since it’s been out for like 8 years now, I own the AKT DVD and have seen all the commentaries, even though Katherine and Michelle and Mary (who joined us this time since she’s back from her stint in the army) had never seen it before. And so, I entertained all of them with random facts while I laughed harder than I think I may have ever laughed before… this week, at least!

… physics study groups =)

7 February 2009

So not only did I make a bunch of new friends this semester in Michelle’s suite, I also found two new physics study buddies in Mary and her twin brother.  And now I have joined (if temporarily) a different group for the programming physics class.  Yay… happiness that there is no words left to describe in me because I only got four hours of sleep last night 😉