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…Twitter. Yes, I’m saying it again!

24 July 2010

I had to give an informational speech on Thursday night for my continuing education class, so I chose to talk about Twitter. And it was seriously amazing the number of pictures and awesome stories I was able to recall from the 2(ish) years I’ve been on the site.

Twitter has given me the chance to chat with celebrities (and writers/showrunners of my fave shows, who apparently aren’t celebrities in normal culture, but they totally are to me!) I would normally never be able to talk to otherwise. This is amazing to me! Sure, I’m easily amused.

But I’ve also met some great friends there. (You know who you are!) I found people who share my interests and who I’d love to meet in real life someday. Probably at a con, since we’re almost all huge nerds! 😀

And that was the general gist of my speech: Twitter isn’t just a bunch of people letting the world know what you had for breakfast…it’s a community where you can talk to anyone who shares interests…and where you can find some great conversation if you look. 😀